Thursday, October 05, 2006

This morning I was walking into the building at work.

This morning as I was walking into the building I was thinking how liberating rules can be.

While that may sound like a contradiction it is not. As different as we all are with different preferences and tastes--there is one thing that binds us. We all share a desire to be free of constraints. We want more possibilities. We constantly look for new possibilities.

Inhibition is actually a result of not knowing the real constraints. Since we don't know if a thing is okay or not we opt to not do it. This limits our "doable" possibilities to a subset of the real possibilities. If we somehow had access to a guidebook that told us all the things we should not do then everything else can be safely declared as possible. Human laws are gray. What might be legal may not be a wise thing to do. While it is perfectly legal for a public figure to have an open relationship and share a home with more than one adult of the opposite sex it is not exactly a wise career move. It would be great if humanity had a guidebook we could point to that would validate that our choices are perfectly acceptable.

No God would entrust your soul to any other man or woman. You see people have thier own personal agendas and this is a good thing. So it is clear that a book written by man would not do for a guidebook. Nature tells us very clearly that no human or animal for that matter can be unbiased so no work of man or animal can serve as a guidebook. Are all of the native people on a remote island with no external contact doomed becuase they don't get on thier knees and "accept" Jesus as thier personal savior? Are thier souls lost becuase they do not know who Buddha was? Clearly they have access to spiritual salvation... clearly all creatures have access to a guidebook that needs no translation by another being.

Nature is our liberating guidebook. No single thing in nature is responsible for your knowledge. The some total whole of nature is your guidebook. Each single entity or event offers a sentence or two and no more. True, there are some chapters of nature that have gathered up those sentences for thier own needs but what the wolf has to say can be read elsewhere. I probably come off as egotistical to many but the truth is I have reason to be. I was born with this knowledge and it's clear to me that I have been learning this for a very long time, far longer than one life. I offer my knowledge and access to the guidebook but you are responsible for validating it against other sources that exist in nature. I don't ask you to trust me, I ask you to validate all that I would say against the source.... nature itself and discard that which you cannot validate elsewhere. (After all I could just be trying to get into your pants)

Nature wishes to share the collective knowledge of nature with you for the same reason I do. My fate is intertwined with your actions and so is that of the family of nature. We are in a word simply being selfish. It is only natural. Your possibilities are limitless and your actions far reaching therefor what you do is of great concern to me and the wolf and the frog and your neighbor.

This morning I was walking into the building thinking of how liberating rules can be. I thought of the feeling of knowing that what I do is perfectly in harmony with nature. I thought that must be like flying free of all boundaries. At that monent just before I walked into the building at work a bird of unknown type swooped through the trees and right by my face, I felt the wind from it's wings for an instant. When you figure something out nature will validate it. That's what guidebooks do.